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November 26, 2011 / Sabine Kurjo McNeill

Why are the Six Musa Children still with Haringey Council?

The Musa family top, Maurice Kirk below.

Why are the Six Musa Children still with Haringey Council?

Salem News have launched an Official Inquiry 

Salem News[1] is America’s only truly independent high traffic news website. As their News Editor, Tim King has taken a strong interest in both the Musa and Maurice Kirk case and published World Attention Focuses on UK Political Prisoners: Musa Family and Aviation Adventurer Maurice Kirk[2] On 17th November, he contacted Haringey Council[3] with his inquiry, as an investigative journalist. After all, the eldest daughter has not been since August 2010 and the others since May 2011.

Meanwhile, the African public have been asking about the Musas:

  • The children have been seen in dark places at night, with only men meeting. What does Haringey Council tell Capstone Vision Ltd[4] to do with kidnapped children?
  • What prevents them from releasing the children to the High Commission or the Nigerian Government?
  • The family is not British. How can Haringey Council be so violent against Black Africans?
  • What does it take for a Council to instruct nine Police Officers to attempt murder few hours after the birth of the sixth child? See UK Police seize day old Nigerian baby, five siblings[5]
  • Who dreams up such a criminal plan and repeats it a year later, when arranging for the baby to be drugged by a false inoculation by health professionals?
  • Why was the drip administered to the baby stopped, when the hospital staff discovered that the parents were recording the event?

Only hindsight offers explanations: Haringey want the court to believe that the parents, who don’t smoke or drink, let alone ever have seen any drugs, had given the baby first opium and then morphine. It was another desperate attempt to cover their own crimes by criminalising the parents.

Unfortunately, it is little known that secret family courts are used by Local Councils to legalise their kidnapping of children from loving parents, such as the completely innocent Musas. Their extraordinary and virtually unbelievable story of false, fabricated and manipulated allegations raises questions about the lawfulness of secret court proceedings that displayed anything except “equality of arms”, a legal principle that should ensure justice and fairness between opposing parties.

Furthermore, the secrecy that is ensured by so-called “injunction” or “reporting restriction orders” enables Local Councils to collude with judges and court staff. Legal teams include a Child Solicitor and a Children’s Guardian who are all supposedly acting in the child’s interest.

The untold story of gagging orders[6] was published by The Independent in May 2011: 69 cases related to celebrities that the mainstream media covered extensively. But the 264 cases that related to children and young adults were not covered.

In reality, the media are also there to deny and obfuscate the real issue: that children are removed from their parents – for whatever sinister purposes. Once the children are kidnapped, they are being brainwashed against their parents by using professionals such as a Contact Manager Supervisor who said “I’m here to intimidate you, make your life miserable and uncomfortable and there is nothing you can do about it.” A Council Agent and barrister confirmed:“Your children belong to the state, and they are gone for life. That’s how it works in Haringey.”

The Musa story raises questions regarding other Black Africans in Haringey:

  • Most African women in Haringey are being labelled as prostitutes, as an excuse to kidnap their children. What intentions are behind this kidnapping? Money? Sexual abuse? The 30-year old research into Child Protection and Family Justice on Dramatis Personae[7] mentions a Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) Myth, whereas Wikipedia concludes with ‘moral panic’ and ‘only a minority of believers giving any credence to the existence of SRA[8].
  • Secret family court hearings cannot be won by the parents, as they only serve to legalise the kidnapping from them.
  • What does Haringey Council have to hide by criminalising innocent parents?
  • What happens to the children who have gone missing?
  • Are they trafficked abroad or have they been killed?
  • What happens to the survivors who are looking for their parents in the streets, once they have been abused and abandoned? Some have gone to several High Commissions in London.

The return of the Musa children is the only sensible and rational next step to stop the escalation of this case, especially as the anniversary of the publication of a whistleblower’s statement is nearing: on 18 December 2010, Does this family have human rights – Social workers persist in their cruel treatment of an innocent family appeared in The Telegraph. A quote from this article:

“A council whistleblower has said that, at a recent case conference, the social workers admitted that maybe they had made a mistake, and that the mother they had falsely accused was in fact devoted and blameless. But apparently, because of “press interest” in the case, the officials agreed that the council could not afford the very damaging publicity which might follow if the unhappy children were reunited with their parents. It was therefore vital that the council should continue to justify its actions.”

Ian Josephs, a former Local Councillor from Kent, who publishes Forced Adoption[9] in Monaco, writes

what makes the UK unique[10]:

  1. The UK is the ONLY State in the WORLD that gags parents whose children have been taken by social services.
  2. The UK is the ONLY State in Europe to use kidnapping as a basis for “forced adoption”.
  3. The UK is the ONLY State in Europe to allow “punishment without crime[11]”, i.e. the taking of children by social services from parents who have not committed any criminal offence.

A mother who has lived in Haringey for 40 years confirms: “Haringey goes only for the best children – no disability, healthy and quick to go. They hire professionals at the highest prices to lie in their favour.”

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  1. Samuel Mac / Dec 19 2011 5:46 pm

    I am still waiting to hear the terrible offend this family committed in UK! If God forgive mankind their sins i see no reason why a fellow man will be so heart hearted cannot forgive. You are human being like us, i don’t know what is the unforgivable sin these family committed, you cannot let them go. If God Himself decided to judge this matter would you be free from guilt? Remember God has the final said over this matter. It doesn’t mean that God is silent over the matter everything is alright and you are right. God is giving you time to consider your ways before He will act on their behalf. I will personally appealed to Haringey council to let the family return to their country with their six children.

    Samuel Mac

    • Sabine Kurjo McNeill / Dec 21 2011 10:15 pm

      PLEASE do your utmost, Samuel Mac! We all have to do our best. And I do hope it will be ENOUGH!!!


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