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June 2, 2012 / Sabine Kurjo McNeill

Victims Unite at Wood Green Crown Court, Lordship Lane, London N22 5LF

Who’s on Trial: Claimants or Defendants?

Victims Unite[i]is a website dedicated to being a voice for victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression. It opened in August 2010 and has had over 109,000 visits since.

Wood Green Court will unite one of the worst bankruptcies and the worst of all child snatching cases.

One of the earliest cases published was Mr Ebert’s bankruptcy[ii], in book form as The Forensics of Legal Fraud[iii]. It is believed to be one of the worst in terms of financial value and legal cover-up.

Mr Ebert’s trial will take place in Wood Green Crown Court: on Wednesday, 6th and Thurssay, 7th June, Court 8 with Judge Udder and two Magistrates. It brings to light astonishingly negligent (if not criminal) behaviour of major institutions that we rely on to feel secure in our homes.

Every person in the UK can potentially be affected by the outcome of this trial. For it will either acknowledge or bury the solid evidence that this Litigant in Person is bringing into Court to test the “beyond reasonable doubt” Rule of Law that needs to be applied in criminal court cases.

Mr Ebert is appealing against a falsified criminal record of damages and harassment. This appeal is a re-trial of charges brought against him in June 2011, after he sprayed his name on the house belonging to Mr Gedaljahu and Mrs Devorah Ebert. They were deprived of their home in 2000 by 30 armed police men without legal justification.

Mr Ebert is one of many whose property is subject to false registration obtained by deception, contrary to section 116 of the Land Registry Act 1925. Furthermore, the transcript of the pre-trial hearing on 23rd May 2012 omits the names of both judge and crown prosecutor. To top the absence of the Rule of Law[iv], the CPS have failed to file and serve court files and evidence to justify the charges of 28th June 2011.

In criminal courts, evidence has to be provided “beyond a reasonable doubt”, whereas secret family courts get away with “the balance of probabilities”.

On this level of scrutiny, Sir Nicholas Wall found a Nigerian couple[v] guilty of having drugged their baby, based on statements and reports from ‘expert witnesses’ and his claim that “professionals don’t lie”. Since then, the damning report about expert witnesses used in secret family courts was published by Prof. Jane Ireland[vi] of Lancashire University, resulting in Channel 4 News[vii] and reports in The Telegraph[viii] and the Daily Mail[ix].

This now criminal and thus not secret family court[x] case takes place also in Wood Green Crown Court where it is scheduled to last for another five weeks, examining the allegations of child abuse by the parents. The parents have suffered not only the loss of their children, but also going to many contact sessions in vain and the most violent attack 3 hours after birth of the sixth child in hospital.


The Telegraph published in December 2010[xiv] what a whistleblower had said: “it was vital that the council should continue to justify its actions, because of the very damaging publicity which might follow, if the unhappy children were reunited with their parents.”

Supporters know that this is the worst of all known child snatching[xv] cases, where Punishment without Crime[xvi] is delivered.  C E N S O R E D

The couple was imprisoned on 28th November 2011, after Sir Nicholas Wall found them guilty of drugging their sixth child, as “professionals don’t lie”. Despite religiously attending to police stations and collecting the evidence, the couple was charged with breaking bail conditions, due to forged police documentation. Haringey Police have also conveniently ‘lost’ the letter[xvii] that was produced as justification ten days after the children were taken. The oldest daughter is supposed to have written and thrown it out of the window.

Falsified or missing court documentation is at the heart of white collar crimes that victims have reported for publication on Victims Unite. It can only be hoped that Wood Green Crown Court in Lordship Lane, London N22 5LF will provide the right environment for justice. However, this remarkable building was built in 1865 and was formerly a boys’ Masonic school, as advertised in court venue hire[xviii], before it was redeveloped in 1990.

For many sufferers, Victims Unite offers hope, since publicity and acknowledgement of victimisation are often the only alternative to justice and the absence of apologies or compensation.


For further information, please contact Sabine K McNeill on 07968 039 141 or

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