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October 15, 2014 / Sabine Kurjo McNeill

#CSAInquiry #childsexabuse #fernbridged #Fairbank #ExaroNews story thread of nearly 100 links

Child sex abuse, ‘Fernbridge’ and ‘Fairbank’: Exaro story thread – this is the story told and initiated by Exaro with a thread of nearly 100 links over two years.

Pity that it’s not done like WordPress does it, where other WP bloggers can simply ‘reblog’. But the difference is… money. Exaro is financed by The City, and in my observation of the money system and the history battle between Westminster and The City, the banks are of course winning.

That’s easy: they are following the orders of a few families, in particular the Rothschilds. Families are like institutions: they go on and on. But Individuals die. Institutions live: same circus, different clowns.

Bribing key people in key institutions over long periods of time has been the agenda ever since the Illuminati were set up in 1776.

That they would evolve into satanism and paedophile rings was recently stated by a former Head of the FBI…

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