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25 November 2011: Why are the Six Musa Children still with Haringey Council?

Salem News have launched an Official Inquiry

22 November 2011: Beyond the Rule of Law: Being a Political Prisoner in HMP Cardiff

The Trials and Tribulations by a Chronic Litigant in Person Aged 66

15 November 2011: Criminal Complaint

Perversion of the Course of Justice camouflaged as Secret Fact Finding Hearing

08 November 2011: When Speaking the Truth becomes a Crime, Freedom of Speech is on Trial

The Secrecy of Family Courts can only be exposed by the Wisdom of the Internet

17 October 2011: Africa is Campaigning for Getting the Musas’ Children Back

While Haringey Council cover up one Crime after another, Africans Care

11 October 2011: In Haringey, Snatching Children means Criminalising Parents and their Supporters

The Investigation of the Musas’ Crimes is more Important than the Welfare of their Children

09 October 2011: English World Solo Pilot in Prison for Trying to Help Black African Family Get their Children Back

Six Nigerian Children Victims of State Sponsored Kidnapping

02 October 2011: In the UK of all Countries: Worst Case of Police Harassment + Worst Case of Child Snatching in the UK

But the Public doesn’t Need to Know what’s going on

21 August 2011: Cash for Kids – Especially Cute Nigerians
How Haringey Council makes Adoption easy by Stealing Children

According to Ian Josephs, publisher of Forced Adoption who deals with 3 – 4 cases per day, the worst case ever; confirmed by signer no. 14 of our petitionSend the Musa Family back Home to Nigeria – WITH their Children!

18 August 2011: Justice Wyn Williams Turns to UK Secretary of State re Prisoner Abuse

The fact that the Prison Governor was not present at this hearing was used as the excuse for adjourning for another week and asking Justice Minister Kenneth Clarke to be present.

13 August 2011: Investigator Demonstrates Shadow Court

The extraordinary extent of cover-ups that Doncaster Council goes to – only to help the sexually abusive father of a 7-year-old girl (David Tune)

12 August 2011: WWII Veteran Petitions HM The Queen

The story about 6 months imprisonment for having recorded a court session (Norman Scarth)

12 June 2011: Britain’s Biggest Issue

Judges sanction Social Services snatching Children with Superinjunctions (my own experience in Court on May 9)

8 May 2011: The Torture of an Abused Child’s Mother

How Police and Social Services of Doncaster Council collude to Torment Vicky Haigh

30 April 2011: The Forensics of Legal Fraud

Volume 2 released “On the Unscrupulousness of White Collar Criminals who Turned a Milionairess into a Vexatious Litigant with a Civil Restraint Order” (Paulette H Cooper)

31 January 2011: Unprecedented Parliamentary Support

for Victims of Financial Exploitation and Legal Oppression through current UK legal and judicial processes (aka “white collar crimes”) [Victims Unite!]

21 January 2011: Towards a Public Inquiry into “White Collar Crime”

How MPs Support Victims of Financial Exploitation and Legal Oppression (Online Petition)

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