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2004 – 2008

29 July 2008: Stop the “Cash Crumble” to Equalize the “Credit Crunch”

A remedy for the financial crisis. But those who created it, would hardly want a remedy, would they!?…

9 August 2008: Public Credit Petition has been viewed over 1,000 Times

Another attempt to wake people up to the issue of money creation.

3 September 2005: The Money Fuse of the Climate Bomb

On Defusing Economic Growth to Avoid Weather Explosions (Aubrey Meyer)

21 July 2005: Publicly Created Money

A Mechanism for Making Poverty History – At Home and Abroad

26 April 2004: The Significance of Publicly Created Money

American Author of “The Lost Science of Money” advocates “Public Credit for Public Purposes” (Stephen Zarlenga)

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