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04 November 2010: Routemaster Bus to Expose Corrupt Solicitors and Judges

Damaged by Lying Police (Paul Talbot-Jenkins)

27 October 2010: Dying for Justice

Victim of Solicitors’ and Judicial Fraud is Diagnosed with Cancer after having Approached the European Court of Human Rights (Lewis Nicholson)

6 September 2010: Flying Vet on Morphine in Court as Medical Records are not Released

Despite receiving morphine and other strong pain killers, Maurice J Kirk acted in Cardiff County Court

28 July 2010: Homeless UK man with Nuclear Induced Illness seeks Legal Redress

The highly covered-up story of Raymond Fox

28 June 2010: Lack of Public Confidence captured in Online Petition

An analysis of the online petition Stop the Oppression of the British People

28 May 2010: Over 500 Signatures and 3,200 Page Views on the Stop the Oppression of the British People Petition

With really fascinating comments by signers of the petitioin

6 March 2010: First two Honorary Robin Hood Awards for Austin Mitchell MP and Lord Sudeley FSA

The Parliamentarians most committed to the objectives of the Forum for Stable Currencies – aiming at Parliamentary Scrutiny via the Treasury Select Committee

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